Adare Pharmaceuticals, Viactive

Sold by Sands Bros. & Genesis Merchant Partners

Last month, Sands Bros. Asset Management and Genesis Merchant Partners sold the #1 doctor-recommended calcium chew to Adare Pharmaceuticals.

Sands Bros believes that Viactiv is a high-quality brand with distribution across many retailers, but the sale of Viactiv to Adare will help maximize growth.

Sands Bros. Co-Chairman, Steven Sands, said last month, “As the nutraceutical segment of the female health and nutrition market continues to expand, we believe Viactiv is well positioned to capture a significant portion of this attractive and growing category. We look forward to working with Adare over the course of the next few months through this transition in ownership to help maximize value.”

Viactiv will continue to play an important role in the field of women’s health. Its vitamins and minerals allow females to stay on top of their unique nutritional needs. The calcium in Viactiv can even help prevent osteoporosis or lessen the risk for people predisposed to having the disease. By combining the calcium with Vitamin C and Vitamin K, Viactiv is the best calcium chew on the market to promote long-term health.

My brother and business partner, Martin Sands, noted last month, “Viactiv is a high-quality brand with great distribution across multiple retail chains. It was a wonderful investment for us and we continue to believe that it has a great deal of potential. We believe that Adare’s commitment and understanding of the market opportunity will allow them to leverage Viactiv’s tremendous brand equity to grow the business in this extremely competitive industry.”

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